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At CrossFit Eonian we pride ourselves on our clean, family friendly and affordable facility. We specialize in those new to CrossFit or Fitness altogether. We also have plenty of room for those with experience maybe just looking for a change or have taken a break and looking to start back up.

At CrossFit Eonian we teach fundamental movements that you will use everyday in life, but mix it up with body weight, barbells, kettle bells and much more. No matter what your age, anyone can do CrossFit. We specialize in concentrating on each individual's specific physical capabilities and pushing them to new levels of fitness they hadn't thought possible.


We heavily emphasize proper technique first, providing you a unique experience in your fitness journey. We also believe that a lifestyle that incorporates fitness and nutrition will help anyone in every aspect of their life physically, mentally and spiritually. Through fitness you can enjoy less stress, better mental focus, increased strength and flexibility, which will provide you many more years of an active lifestyle and successes in life.

We are located within the 12,000+ sq ft Fusion Elite Performance Center which gives us the unique ability to offer much more to families as the facility also offers Martial Arts, Dance, Music lessons, after school care and Home School.

Anyone up for the challenge can come try us out for a week FREE!


Coaches and Staff

scott wedding bw.jpg

Scott Conway

Head Coach/Owner



BJJ Black Belt

WCWMA 4th Degree Black Belt



"The Lovebug"

L10 Kiss Giver

L10 Invader of Personal Space

Phillip straight on.jpg

Phillip Hurt




Louis gym 2.jpg

Louis V

"The Old Man"

L10 Greeter/Yapper

emily bw.jpg

Emily Conway

Open Gym/Admin

Kaila Box stare.jpg


"New Addition"

L10 Maniac


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CrossFit Eonian

2315 Sunset Blvd, Rocklin Ca 95765

Tel: 916-302-3044

Email: cfeonian@gmail.com

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